What is FUN?

The July challenge for my Heidi Swapp scrapbook course focus is FUN!!!! What fun means to us and how WE ARE fun. Personally I don’t think I am very fun. I used to be. As a teenager I was the life of the party. I think as I got older (and more overweight) I started worrying more what people will think. I remember a year or so back I was in the pool with the kids – normally I just float around, but this day I played with them and they just thought it was so wonderful. We had FUN. Normally I just don’t do things like that. I’d love to, but something holds me back. I do try and do fun things with the girls, we ride our bikes, go to the beach, but more often them not they are having FUN and I am watching them have FUN. I very rarely participate. So while I love doing this and it brings me a lot of pleasure it’s not really FUN. Last Sunday when I spent time with Kevin and the girls was FUN. Our holiday to Mexico and DIsneyland was FUN (I’m using photos from this trip for the layout). It’s obvious to me in writing this the FUN is in the doing, not the watching. I guess that where I need to focus – doing more with the girls, and with Kevin, and with my friends.


One thought on “What is FUN?

  1. Thinking about what you said about fun – never realised it before now – but most of the time when someone asks how my day was, I say we had fun but 9 out of 10 times I have watched other people (girls, Noel or strangers) have fun and haven’t actually done anything fun myself. Somthing for me to keep in mind I guess and make sure I have my share of fun.

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