Not again

Yes, Amy is sick again. I actually had them both at the doctors on Wed night – what fun – we waited nearly 2 hours. Anyway, Amy has some virus that’s going around that makes you feel dizzy – nothing to give her besides Panadol. Christy has a middle ear infection. So we’ve had to cancel our plans for the last 2 days. Yesterday I cleaned in the morning and did a bit of scrapbooking and worked on a new jigsaw in the afternoon. Today I’ve spent nearly all day on the computer working on my new look blog. I did do some washing but the machine broke so had to take it next door to Mum’s. Have a rather sore back now so I’m going to sit and read for a bit till Kevin goes to pick up takeaway Indian for dinner.

Some more photos to shareIMG_2458IMG_2425_dsc0015

One thought on “Not again

  1. Hi Libby, I saw you were linked to mine and wanted to stop by and say HI! I love your blog – it is so pretty …….and I LOVE that picture of your dog with his/her(?) tongue hanging out! That is just the cutest!! I still haven’t done my LOs for HS class on fun and I want to make my Fun minibook as well……hopefully this weekend! Have a fun weekend!

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