Organic foods

Well, we’re back to buying as many organic foods as possible. I know it’s the best for us but sometimes I let the cost put me off. Here’s a list of what should be eaten organic and what doesn’t matter as much.

The Top Twelve – Don’t Buy These Unless They’re Organic

1. Peaches
2 Apples
3 Capsicum

4 Celery
5 Nectarines
6 Strawberries
7 Cherries
8 Pears
9 Grapes – Imported
10 Spinach
11 Lettuce
12 Potatoes

Bottom Twelve — Buy These, Remember to Peel and Wash Well

1 Onions (Least Contaminated of the entire list)
2 Avocado
3 Sweet Corn – Frozen
4 Pineapples
5 Mango
6 Asparagus
7 Sweet Peas – Frozen
8 Kiwi
9 Bananas
10 Cabbage
11 Broccoli
12 Papaya

For those in the Sydney/Illawarra area we get our organic produce from Doorstep Organics – they deliver right to my door and have always been great to deal wtih.