Musical Monday

Well, it’s Monday morning which means cleaning downstairs. Usually I put on music to make it more enjoyable. Today, however, with the kids home and Amy sick, the TV is on and I’m missing my music. It made me stop and think how important music is. While I also value peace and quiet music makes me feel happy. I always have the radio on in the car or a CD playing (except right now I’m listening the audio CD of Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix). I can remember really getting into music in about 1982 (when I was 11) when the ever popular compliation albums started coming out. However, my earliest love was Bruce Springsteen. I discovered (along with many others) in 1984 with Dancing in the Dark, and have remained a huge fan ever since. I’ve been to every Australian concert ever since – think there have only been 3. He was also a big influence of me and he inspired me to learn to play the guitar (gave it up at University). I also played in a band for a VERY short time.

At the moment I listen to a lot of Robbie Williams (who I only discovered last year) – he’s great to listen to at the gym. I’ve been a long time fan of Madonna – but I did go off her for a while. I don’t buy a lot of CDs but the following are automatic buys

* Enrique Iglesis * Ricky Martin
* Gloria Estafan * Jewel

I also like the Celtic Rock bands “Off Kilter” and “Wolfstone” . I’m sure there are othes I can’t think of at the moment.

Anyway, time to get back to cleaning….without music….

3 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. I love Bruce too! He is on my ipod playlist….tunnel of love and dancing in the dark! I saw him, i think for that tour in NY – Giant Stadium! Awesome! Hope your kids feel better!

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