Back in swing of things

The girls went back to school yesterday so I’m gradually getting back in the swing of things. The new routines I set up for the girls are going well and there is a lot less yelling (from me) than usual. Went shopping this morning – got some more wool (to knit another scarf), picked up the book for book group, bought some bread (+ Christy’s favourite cheese rolls and some chocolate scones that Kevin had been asking for). Then went to Office Works and bought some more storage boxes for the scrapbook room, picked up some of my favourite rice paper rolls to have for lunch. I then had an appointment with a neurologist – I’ve been having pains and aches in my hands and feet for the last fews years but it’s getting worse. He couldn’t detect anything wrong so next step is a blood test and a bone scan (which is booked for next week), then back to see him in 6 weeks.

I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps the last few days – probably cause my eating has been pretty bad. Need to recommit to healthy eating. I haven’t even wanted to go to the gym (which is when I really know I’m feeling down) but have forced myself to go – and of course, once I’m there I enjoy my workout. At least Mum & Dad will be home on Sunday so I’ll have someone to talk to when I’m feeling like this.

Anyway, I don’t have to cook dinner tonight – Kevin wasn’t feeling well last night so didn’t eat his dinner so we’re having leftovers – vegetable paella.