I am a travel addict

Okay, it’s true. I am addicted to travel. Kevin says I’m never as happy as when I’m planning a vacation and I guess it’s true. Every time I catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while they always ask “And where is your next trip?” I really should have been a travel agent. We even have a plan of our overseas trips for the next ten years. The following photos were taken in Scotland on our first digital camera in 1998.


2007 – Mexican Riveria/Disneyland DONE

2009 – UK (possibly Europe)

2011 – Antartica (40th birthday present for Kevin & myself)

2012 – Canada/Alaska or NY/Washington/WDW

2014 – Africa

2016 – Europe

Our goal is an overseas trip every second year and a local trip the other year.

Annie Adams (a fellow blogger) put together a list of 50 her family want to travel to. I think this is a great idea – problem is I think it would be easier to do 50 places I don’t want to travel. Kevin laughed when I told him about his cause he think all I want to do is Disney. While I LOVE disney the main reason we’ve done it so much is cause it’s such a great family vacation with young kids. Christy will be 8 around the time of our next overseas trip and should be interested in seeing more of the real world. At this stage I’m thinking UK (esp. London) and possibly a European cruise and maybe extra time in Scotland for just the kids and I.

Anyway, here’s 50 random places I want to travel to (the most):

1. Perth, Western Australia ( whale sharks, dolphins at Monkey Mia)

2. The Maldives (stay in a hut over the water)

3. Greek Isles – sailing

4. France – love to do a bike trip
5. Russia

6. Germany – black forest

7. Norway – cruise

8. Alaska

9. Canada – Banff & Lake Louise

10. Jamaica (loved the one day we had here)
11. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

12. Ayres Rock

13. Kakadu

14. New York

15. Boston/ New England

16. Harvey Bay (Mum fell in love with it)

17. Switzerland – alps

18. England – again

19. Venice

20. Hawaiian Islands

21. New Orleans

22. Washington

23. Fraser Island, Queensland

24. Queenstown, New Zealand

25. Fiji

26. Lord Howe Island

27. San Francisco (again)

28. Eygpt (Pyramids of course & cruise down Nile)

29. Turkey

30. Train ride on Orient Express

31. Montreal

32.Niagra Falls

33. Alcapulco, Mexico

34. Rome & Pompeii

35. Coffs Harbour (haven’t been in over 10 years)

36. Daintree Rainforst, Queensland

37. Northern Scotland

38. Ireland

39. Wales

40. Africa

41. Antartica

42. Galapogas Islands

43. South America

44. Sail the Whitsundays

45. Washington, DC

46. New Zealand ski fields

47. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

48. Byron Bay (where all the hippies live)

49. Cruise through the Panama Canal


I typed all this on Monday and thought I’d lost it. Found it again today and am oh, so happy.

3 thoughts on “I am a travel addict

  1. Ah some great places there!! We did a big trip around Europe in 1999 and while it was a bus tour (you know the type, it’s Tuesday we must be in Rome!), it identified several places we would love to spend more time. We also did 6 weeks driving ourselves around England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland in the same trip and loved it. Would go back in a heartbeat!! It’s on the list for when B gets a bit older..

  2. I LOVE your list………reading it was making me want to start packing…I love to travel too…I am the total vacation planner as well…I want to stay in a hut over water…have you done this ..I notice your blog banner has the picture and everytime I click here I mean to ask you where this photo was take….we love Disney too…very fun family vacation – everyone is happy!

  3. Wow. Great list of destinations.

    I’ve been to the following that you listed. What a great idea!

    Germany–LOVED it. Could have moved there.
    Switzerland – So beautiful!
    England – I didn’t like the food. LOL
    Venice-Very dirty, but they are cleaning it up. Such rich history there.
    New Orleans-I was just there last month. I was completely surprised how CLEANED up it was.
    San Francisco-Loved it! Fisherman’s Warf was the best!
    Montreal-could have just been me, but the people were rude. 🙁
    Rome & Pompeii-Unbelievable. So much was preserved in Pompeii. Rome was just breathtaking.
    Washington, DC-Been several times. (I’m an Army brat) 🙂

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