A change in the weather

Was it just yesterday I posted about Winter Essentials. Today it was Spring – 21 degrees (70 for you Americans). Now my perfect day is 22 degrees so I was one happy lady. I opened up all the windows upstairs and cleaned all the rooms. Didn’t wash all the bedding (might try and do that tomorrow). I decided since it was such a nice day and I was feeling pretty good that I’d ride to the gym. Did that, did my upper body workout, rode home, picked up Rosie (from Mum’s) and took her for her run (me on bike). Came home absolutely exhausted. Proceed to sit on my backside for the next hour or two, getting up only get some some lunch (leftovers from last night – Rice & Lentil Pilaf).  The girls are at dancing now and I’ve just made some bean patties for dinner – to be served in a tortilla with salad. Looks okay and was nice and easy to make.

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