Hurray – it’s Friday

Actually it’s been a pretty good week. I feel I’ve been rather productive, I’ve eaten well and got in all my workouts. I’m still recovering from my cardio workout then I’m going to clean out the spa room and maybe venture into the garage, then I’ll have my shower, lunch and do some scrapbooking. Picking up Amy from school early today as it’s sport and she’s not well enough to do that. Also need to take Rosie for her run sometime – maybe before lunch. Also need to try and finish my book for book group. I’ve been enjoying it but falling asleep very early and therefore only getting to read for about 1/2 hour each night.

It’s a lot cooler today and overcast but we did have a beautiful sunrise.

3 thoughts on “Hurray – it’s Friday

  1. Not yet Kerrie. I’ve got an appointment with the pediatrition next Friday. Her blood test came back as normal.


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