A nice, quiet weekend

Had a good weekend. On Saturday Amy had singing and drama. Christy and I baked a chocolate cake and I just pottered around getting a few things done. Then I had my bookgroup in the afternoon. Had so much fun – we all must have had an extra good time as didn’t finish up until nearly 5pm. Normally I’m home around 4pm so Kevin wasn’t too happy when I got back (and I’d forgotten my mobile phone). We had a BBQ for dinner. Then on Sunday morning I cleaned out the garage (so good to get that done), we then went to Bunnings Hardware (girls did craft while we shopped), then lunch at Hogsbreath. Christy needed a new bike helmet so we went to the bike shop and three bikes and 1.5 hours later we left. Both Kevin and I have got new bikes – the one I was riding is over 10 years old and Amy got a new one the next size up for her. In the morning I had put Christy onto the next size bike so in effect we all got new bikes. They didn’t have mine in stock though so we won’t get it until later in the week. Came home had a spa, Amy made us Nachos for dinner. We finished watching Micheal Moore’s documentary Sicko (so grateful for our medical system – when Amy had her appendix out in the States it cost over $20,000 and they wouldn’t even look at her in emergency until we’d paid $1,500 – lucky we had travel insurance – pretty scary stuff). After Sicko we watched Dora the Explorer with Christy, then Sliders (we’ve just started rewatching those), then to bed.

One thought on “A nice, quiet weekend

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend…….I want to organize my gagage too! What book did your book club read? I am reading, Eat, Pray, Love…….I really like it…it is taking me a while to read though.

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