Day out success

Went out shopping to Miranda. Now normally when we go I buy a few goodies that I can’t get locally. Today. Nothing at all – didn’t even particularly want anything (mind you if had been free day I would have indulged). I had a falafel wrap for lunch and then bought a skim iced chocolate to have on the way home. I felt so proud of myself.

While shopping I bought myself two skirts and a couple of tops – can’t wait to wear them. I’m not planning on buying too many clothes at present cause I have heaps waiting in smaller sizes plus I don’t quite know how much weight I will lose and at what rate. I’m hoping to have lost 10kg (or 22lbs) by the beginning of October. That will have me a weight I haven’t been in about 15 years.

I got in my 20 cardio on the eliptical this morning. Going to sit and read the Eating Clean Diet by Tosca Reno (my reward for 4 weeks of clean eating) then enjoy a nice salad for dinner (since it’s been such a warm day).