Shopping, shopping and yet more shopping

Boy am I exhausted. But I had the best day (though my credit card might disagree). Amy had the day off school (it was her athletics carnival and she really wasn’t up to participating) so we went up to Miranda to go shopping. Most stuff I bought was for the girls, though I did get 2 skirts and a couple of tops for me and some much needed body moisturizer (they don’t make my favourite one any more so I have to try another one and both Amy and I left the store with the best smelling arms). I also got quite a few things for Christy’s birthday. So a very succesful day and it was really nice spending one on one time with Amy. We always used to have a day out in the holidays (when Christy was at preschool) but with Christy now at school we don’t have that. So I’m feeling very tired now and think since it’s been such a warm day (at 4pm it’s still 23 degrees/ 73 farenheit – pretty warm for a Winters day) I’m just going to make a salad for dinner – nice and easy.