Phew, it’s Monday

Wow, it’s been quite a busy few days since I last blogged. On Friday I had my friends over to scrapbook – only 3 of us this time but still lots of fun. In the afternoon I took Amy to her pediatrition and he’s ordered quite a few tests to try and find out what’s wrong with her.

On Saturday we all went for a bike ride on our new bikes (which Kevin had just picked up on Friday afternoon). Went well but Kevin and I realized our bikes had the wrong bike seats so we just switched them over. I then went to the gym while Amy was at singing then took to girls up to Sydney for a friends Bowling Party, then back to their place for a while after. We didn’t end up getting home until after 5pm. Kevin cooked us a BBQ and we watched some TV.

On Sunday we didn’t have any plans but decided to go to the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour. Amy wanted to see the Endeavor replica again – she had been on a school excursion. We had lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks when we arrived then went on the Endeavor¬† – hard to imagine sailing all around the world on such a small ship with 90 people on board – still rather luxurious compared to convict ships.


We had a wander around the museum and the kids stopped to do craft. On the way home we stopped at Miranda so Kevin could spend his ABC vochure. Also went to Lincraft and got some more knitting supplies and other assorted craft items. Got a bargin to take home for dinner from a chinese place – 3 meals for $10 – I got my favourite Veggie Noodles. Another long but good day.

Up early this morning to go to the gym for cardio. Then running around yelling at the kids to get ready. Rode to school and have just got back. Not really wanting to clean the house as it’s rather messy with kids stuff. I know it won’t be too bad once I start, I just rather start cleaning an already tidy house. Best get to it so I can take Rosie for her run before lunch.

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