Feeling Unappreciated

I’ve been feeling a bit unappreciated around here lately. On Monday I had to tidy up everyone’s stuff before I could start on the cleaning – this always puts meĀ  in a bad mood – not the cleaning, the picking up of other peoples stuff. By late afternoon (when I’d gone to the trouble to make a family favourite dinner) I was feeling very tired and feet were very sore, then I hurt my back, and the house looked the same as before I’d started in the morning. No-one said much about dinner (and after the cleaning it was an effort to make it). I went to bed that night feeling rather sorry for myself. Kevin and I haven’t spent any quality time together since probably April – we were on holidays, then my Mum & Dad (ie the babysitters) were away for over 3 months. Lack of time together has made us a little short with one another and he’s been making little comments that make me feel unappreciated – this morning it was that I should get a job. Hello?? What am I doing? I know I have an easy life but I do work hard as well and having problems with my feet makes things a lot harder for me. I reakon I have on average 1-2 hours free a day – not too much I think. I guess in theory I could work one day a week. But as all Mum’s know we don’t really get the weekends off. On top of all this the kids haven’t been very helpful doing their routines plus Christy’s been rather rude and naughty.

Now, having said all this, Kevin’s comment this morning got me thinking and it dawned on me that I’m probably not the only one feeling unappreciated. Kevin works 6 days a week leaving home around 7am and normally home around 6pm. His wage gets paid straight into our bank account and promptly spent by myself. Now, while most is spent on our kids I sure it must annoy him sometimes that he never even sees the money he earns. While we both are very happy in our “traditional” family roles it’s become apparent that I really need to show my own appreciation more . I know he gets very stressed to come home from work to find a grumpy wife yelling at the kids – which is what he got on Monday. Maybe if I show my appreciation both for him and the kids I might get some appreciation back.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Unappreciated

  1. I know exactly how you feel……..I love a good pity party, we deserve it sometimes. But I agree that the guys need a good pat on the back too………one night, we had “we love daddy night”…….kind of like a random father’s day in the middle of the week, we made his favorite dinner, desert and painted a poster for him. He liked it! But you are right in feeling that you need a pat on the back too! I bet a date night is just what you guys need. Hope you get one!

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