A lovely end to the week

It’s that time of month – which probably explains my mood earlier in the week – but I had a very nice end to the week. Some of the school Mums and I went to see Robin Williams new movie “Licence to Wed” – it was so funny and rather over the top – perfect Robin Williams – plus of course there was romance and a happy ending so I was a happy girl. After the movie we went to a local Chinese restaurant and I had a delicious Vegetable Chow Mein. I then went looking unsuccesfully for a new kitchen table but I bought some new cushions and a blanket (we all fight over Daddy’s) for the loungeroom so it wasn’t a total waste of time.


Rode up to school to pick up the girls. Amy had dancing and I washed the car (which it desperately needed). Back home and the girls went next door to Nan’s. Kevin and I had planned to go for dinner but he was feeling really tired so we stayed home, had a spa and watched “Catch and Release” – another romance.

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