Children’s Laughter


What is about kids laughter that makes us smile? I ended up having 5 girls over all afternoon and they had such fun together (except when Christy had a MAJOR meltdown and had to be sent to her room to cool off). It was such a beautiful day outside and I was glad to see them taking advantage of the weather. Amy set up an obstacle course outside for them and they had fun doing that. They also dressed up, played doctors and nurses, did craft and who knows what else. While I didn’t get my time sitting outside enjoying the weather (not until about 5pm anyway) I still had a lovely day and got a bit accomplished around the house – including a great workout at the gym, a couple of bike rides (to take Amy to and from singing & drama), a scrapbook page, tidying the girls craft cupboard and making some treats for my Dad’s birthday lunch tomorrow.

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