Amazing Grace


Well, I cannot believe I had never heard of William Wilberforce whom the movie Amazing Grace is all about. I finally went to see this movie with my Mum yesterday and we both learnt a lot. Firstly I hadn’t realized how involved with slavery Great Britain was (guess it’s not something they brag about), secondly I did not know about William Wilberforce (who not only led the fight to abolish slavery but was instrumental about reforms for animal welfare and educations and many other important facets of life), thirdly I did not know that it was a ex slave ship captain turned Preacher who wrote Amazing Grace (I song near and dear to me with having Scottish blood and a Grandmother called Grace). It’s definitely a movie anyone interested in history should see. And although it tells some of details of slavery nothing graphic is shown and even the reports on it are pretty mild – the movie is rated PG. Oh, and to make things even better there is a little romance and a happy ending. This is one movie I’ll be thinking of for a number of days.