It’s not fair

It’s really just not fair. My heal spur is hurting again. I was already feeling a bit down today when I noticed it hurting quite badly. It’s been good for over a month now and even when I’m walking it’s not been hurting….until today. I’m going to take it VERY easy today (luckily I already did my exercise before it started) and hope like hell that it’s just a one off bad day. I’ve already had a little cry cause I don’t know if I can cope with it long term again (one month of being pain free after 1.5 years is just not enough). It’s just unfair. I’m trying to lose weight and being really good about getting in my exercise and I’ve so enjoyed being able to walk again. I’ve been easing into the walking and although I probably did too much yesterday – 2 lots of 30mins to school and back – not once did my heal hurt (though my feet were sore). Fingers crossed it’s not the beginning of another long term heal spur inflamation.

On top of the now sore heal I’ve been battling a sore lower back for about a week now which has gradually been getting worse. Again I don’t know why this has occurred now. I’ve got an appointment with Kevin’s chiropractor for Monday morning – in the meantime the heat pack is getting well used.

One thought on “It’s not fair

  1. {{HUGS}} Hopefully the pain is just a one-off, or the chiro can fix it while he’s fixing your back. I’m feeling much better after my chiro visit on Thursday!

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