The Decision

Well it was a week ago today (so the 18th AUgust) that I made the decision I wanted to have WLS. I rang dh’s doctor and made appointment for the 19th Sept. I am very excited. It will be wonderful to finally lose this weight once and for all. A major part of the reason is that after following BFL fairly religiously for 12 weeks I have only lost 4.5kg. And yes, while it’s made a big difference to how I look, it’s very demoralizing to have lost such a small amount of weight after working so hard – both with exercise and food. I am currently in my 2nd week of eating out control again and know I need to turn things around ASAP before I gain those kg back again. At this stage I’m probably looking at surgery in early Dec so I’ve got 3 months to look after things myself. But I’m back to the old “I’ll be good again tomorrow” – which is exactly why I need WLS,