It’s hard to believe

I’ve been reading up a lot on the VSG and it’s hard to believe how quickly and easily people lose weight. The norm seems to be 8-10kg pre-op while on the liquid diet (which shrinks your liver and makes surgery easier), then 10kg in the first month, then around 5kg a month. Let’s say I have my surgery early Nov (which is what I’m really hoping for), then by 2008 I will be 25kg lighter than I am now. WOW!!!! Quite mind blowing really. I’d be rapt to be 10kg lighter by Christmas so anything over that would be a huge bonus. Oh, I just realized that I acutally have a chance to met my goal for the year – which was to be under 100kg. Currently 120.5 so I really should be able to make that goal – hmm….maybe I should return the size 20 I bought today or swap it for a smaller size…. I am so excited to meet with the doc on Wed afternoon.