Overdue update

Okay, it’s been a week but really haven’t had much exciting to report. Last weekend was pretty quiet. On Sat. Amy had singing and drama and Christy had a friend over – they had fun making cookies and even ventured into the pool for a quick dip


On Sunday I went to help Amy tidy her room, then decided to move her furniture around a bit, then the girls decided they wanted to swap bedrooms. So that’s what we spent Sunday doing – though Christy had a bowling party to attend to and we grabbed some lunch out when we picked her up and did a bit of shopping at Target and Howard Storage. Amy’s room is very empty while we organise a desk for her but here’s Christy’s new room :


Pretty much an uneventful week – I went to the Chiro, P& C Meeting, Dentist with the girls (and again for a filling), the beauticians, the gym, groceries, etc, etc. Didn’t get much scrapping done this week but here are a few layouts I did manage. Still waiting for my Stampin’ Up stuff to arrive – hope it come Monday.


Yes, that is me and Kevin way back in 1985 – I think it was my 14th Birthday.


Yesterday I went to watch Amy play soccer for school sport – was pretty funny – most of the girls are too scared to kick the ball if another girl is right in front of them – pretty sweet really.



Okay, now that you’re all up to date on my very unexciting life, I need to go finish up the bedroom which I am deep cleaning this week. Then I hope to do some scrapbooking, then the highlight of the week……………… High School Musical 2!!!!!!

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  1. Those cookies look yummy!! You have been very busy crafting! You and Kevin have known each other for a long time!! Christy’s room is so pretty, love the scallopy furniture…..and the mermaids! I still haven’t seen the orig. High School Musical, have fun!

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