Making the announcement

Kevin has been talking about weight loss surgery since the start of the year. At first I was opposed – so much so that I thought I might divorce him if he went ahead. But I was ignorant and as he did more research and reported that to me, I realized why I wasn’t losing much weight (despite eating well and exercising 6 days a week). Researchers have shown that the longer you are overweight the harder it becomes for your body to lose weight and only 5% of diets are successful. Not very good odds for someone who has been overweight for nearly 20 years. I undertook my own research and we’ve been watching “Big Medicine” on the Health channel which is all about WLS. Shortly after Kevin made his decision and got a date (22nd Oct) I decided to also have the surgery. We are both having a vertical sleeve gastroplasty – which basically removes most of your stomach – meaning you can only eat fairly small portions. I’ve seen the doc and my date for surgery is the 12th November. I will now much public some previous posts on WLS that I had made private.

Originally I was debating whether to tell friends beforehand or not (as a lot of other people have had negative responses from their friends). But I decided my friends all know about my long battle with my weight and have seen me try to lose the weight by dieting and exercising and know I’m not taking the “easy way out” – which was my own pre-conception about the surgery. Plus I also believe my friends and family only want the best for me and will be nothing but supportive. As for the newer friends or acquantiences – I think I’ll just deal with that as it comes up – but probably not tell them until afterwards.

We’ve told Amy and she’s excited about having a slimmer, fitter Mum and Dad. Mum and Dad are also very accepting now that they know more about it. I am very excited and can’t wait to have the surgery and lose this weight.

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