Train ride to Kiama


Had a great day out with the girls. We caught a old 1960s diesel train down to Kiama. It was the first time the girls had been on  a proper train so they were very excited. It took about 30mins and it was great seeing the sights from the train. Once in Kiama we went to the Seaside Markets – had a wonder around, the kids went on some ride and to the petting zoo. We sat and had some rolls I’d packed for lunch then had a yummy ice-cream (while Christy had a bit of a melt down). I wonder through a few more shops then time to catch the train home. It was a pretty warm day so we all went for a swim to cool down. Just going to have some dinner and get organised for tomorrow. The girls are sleeping at Mum & Dads’ since Kevin and I have to leave for the hospital (for his weight loss surgery) at about 6am. Here are a couple more photos from our day out.


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