Busy days at the hospital

Kevin’s surgery went well on Monday but I feel I’ve been living, not at the hospital, but in my car driving to and from the hospital. It’s just over an hour each way so it’s not too bad but certainly a lot more driving than I’m used to. On Monday we left at 6am and I didn’t get home until 6.30pm. I did use the 4 hour surgery/recovery time to go and do some Christmas shopping so that was good. Yesterday my Mum & Dad came up with me to visit in the morning, then I took the girls up after school. Today I’ve been doing errands this morning, and am going to have some lunch and do a bit of scrapping before leaving at 2pm to up for another visit. I was just reading Kevin’s blog and he sounds a lot better today. Hopefully he’s be home tomorrow, but if not Friday.

Oh, when I was having lunch out with Mum & Dad I was saying how when we go to the UK in 2009 Kevin will fly back after 3 weeks (that’s all he can really have off of work at one time) and I’m going to take the girls to Scotland for a couple of week – my parents were both born in Scotland and I’ve been twice before and am in love with the place. So Mum says maybe Dad would like to go with you (Mum’s scared of flying). Dad immediately says yes and so it’s settled. He will fly over a week before we met up to catch up with all the rellies and then we’ll tour around together for a few weeks. How cool is that? I’m more excited than ever now.

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  1. So glad to hear Kevin is doing well…….you are doing great too it sounds……….a trip to London and Scotland, that will be a blast!!
    I tagged you …………..7 random things about you!:)

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