2007 Halloween Party



Well, our second annual Halloween Party was a huge success. Most people got into the spirit and dressed up. Kevin went as a patient (pretty appropriate I thought), I was a gypsy, Amy a Flapper and Christy a doctor. Even my Mum and Dad got dressed up which I thought was pretty cool. Like last year all the kids loved their parents getting dressed up.Everyone seemed to have a good time – the kids spending much of the evening in the pool. I asked everyone to bring a plate of food, which they did, but we did run out of food – the kids seemed to be especially hungry after all the swimming (NOTE to self : have more standby food in freezer next year). At least I don’t have to worry about having a house full of leftovers – not when I start my pre-op diet tomorrow. At about 9pm my feet were killing me and I realized I hadn’t sat down since 4.30pm. Poor feet – they were rather swollen and are still sore today. But it was a small price to pay.



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