Getting ready

Had a nice relaxing day to recover from the party. Pottered around – which was nice after such a busy week. Did some washing, ironing, reading blogs and e-mail, attended to the chooks, watered the veggie garden – which is growing rapidly after some rain last week, had a swim and enjoyed a lesiurely lunch at Mums. I’ve just tidied/cleaned up the pantry in preparation for starting my pre-op diet tomorrow. Don’t want any leftover chocolate, chips, etc tempting me. Tomorrow I need to go do a veggie shop so I can make up salads and veggie soup – which I can have in addition to Optifast shakes, soups and bars. I know nearly everyone finds the diet awful (the reason for it is to shrink the liver and make surgery and recovery easier) but I’m actually excited to get started on the weight loss journey – lets see how I feel tomorrow night. Kevin said the first 4 days were very hard and he was very tired. Lucky I’ve got a nice quiet week ahead.

One thought on “Getting ready

  1. Your party sounds fun………Happy Halloween! Good luck with your preparations for surgery…….sounds like you will do fine since you are excited for the journey!

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