Pre-op diet so far

I’m going to try and not bore you all to tears with news of my WLS but will update once or twice a week for those interested. If not feel free to ignore.

The pre-op diet requires only 3 meals a day of meal replacements shakes/bars/deserts plus some extra veggies. Now I have to admit this does get pretty boring fast but I’ve been having a green salad with my lunch and bowl of veggie soup with dinner. Day 1 went okay, day 2 I felt lightheaded and woozy and kind of spaced out, day 3 I felt rather sick at times but found I had more energy, by dinner time I was starting to feel more like myself. I’m about to start day 4 and have been told it should get better from now and should stop feeling hungry – let’s hope. I’ve still be going to the gym – not sure if it’s wise or not but want to be in optimum fitness as I know I’ll have to have around 4 weeks off lifting weights after surgery.

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