It just gets better and better

This morning I was very excited to get an e-mail from Disney saying that Pirates of the Carribean III will be out on the 21st November. I was just thinking the other day it must be coming out soon. Not sure why we’re getting a few weeks before it’s out in the States – not that I’m complaining. Might start watching I and II again before III comes out. I think No.1 is the best movie EVER made – pirates, romance, Johnny and Orlando – does it get any better than that?


Now, I’m back from the gym and checking e-mail again and now I find out Ricky Martin’s concert CD and DVD is going to be out in a few days. Looks awesome (there is a preview on the website) and oh, boy, what a yummy cover (would like great on the cover of a romance novel).


Gee, can’t wait to check my e-mail again this afternoon. Don’t good things come in threes?