After just one week on pre-op diet

I’m VERY excited to report I lost 4.5kg (10lbs), which is what I lost on the 12 weeks I did the Body for Life program. Now I do realize if went back to eating “normally” it would all go straight back on but since I’m not going to’ it’s weight lost forever. I’m now under 120kg and feeling a lot better. It’s not been too bad a week, though yesterday was HARD – I really wanted to eat- like a normal person or even cook dinner for my family- like a normal person. I did have some rice paper rolls while we were out for lunch instead of a bar, which I think balanced itself out. But it was a LONG afternoon. Feeling better today (though rather hungry). The fantastic shift on the scales certainly helps :-). And this time next week I’ll be getting ready for the op.

The current highlight of my day is dinner – low-startch veggies stir-fried in chicken stock and soy sauce – YUM!!!


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