A wet, cold Wedneday

Not a great day weather wise – it’s not been all week. I skipped the gym today and gave the bedrooms, bathrooms and study a good tidy and clean. Sat for a while over lunch and watched a British show on debt and then Wife Swap – one of the women today was frightfully racist. In the end she was saying how nice the boy was and “he should grow up to be a wonderful young”….I was ready for “man” but nearly fell on the floor when she said “black man”. Do people really think like that? Obviously they do – quite scary. I was totally gob-smacked. Don’t think Rosie was too impressed either – she fell asleep on the lounge beside me.


The afternoon was spent doing a bit of cooking and working a layout for my “Wellness” scrapbook class. Then picked up the kids and since it was such a yucky day we put up the new Christmas tree I bought yesterday. We have our big, main one in the loungeroom but since the girls and I spend so much time in the family/kitchen area I thought it would be nice to have one here as well. Looks great. We might do the other one on Sunday.


The kids had a disco at school today to raise money to build a house is Africa – so they had to go in African dress (if possible). I happened to remember Amy had a “Tarzan” leotard from last years dance concert so she wore that with some brown pants, and Christy wore a safari hat we got from Disney on Ice a few years back.