Being courageous and brave

I’ve been really amazed at how positive everyone has been about me having weight loss surgery – both old, new and internet friends. I really thought a lot of people would think I was taking the easy way out (that was my first thought when Kevin mentioned it). But even more amazing has been how many people have said I’m brave and they wouldn’t have enough courage to do it. It’s not something I’d ever considered. I guess just having exhausted all other avenues of losing weight and having done lots of research I just accepted that WLS was the only way I’d ever successfully lose weight and keep it off. My only real concern post surgery was of leaving my girls without a Mum. But I figure having a Mum who is fit and healthy and around for a long time far outweighed the small chance of dying. So even though I don’t feel brave I guess in a way I was for being prepared to totally change my way of eating and lifestyle.

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