3 weeks post op

Well, it’s really hard to believe that this time just 3 weeks ago I was getting ready to head up to the hospital. The time really has flown. In the last week I’ve started back at the gym – so far just doing the bike and treadmill. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to start lifting weights for another 3 weeks but I am going to start using the rower this week to try and build/maintain my upper body strength. It was certainly a good feeling being back working out. I also ate out 3 times over the weekend and it’s still a little frustrating at how little I can eat – Kevin and I seem to get through about 1/4 – 1/3 of a typical meal serving BETWEEN us – but I’m getting used to it now. Clothes are fitting better and many are now to loose (had a big clean out on Wednesday). Also had a bit of a WOW moment at the dance concert. It wasn’t until I was sitting through the second 3 hour concert (with a now numb backside) that I realized that the arm rests were not digging into my sides like they have every other year. YAY!!!! Kevin and I also fit better when we’re sitting together – guess that’s what happens when we’ve lost 30kg between us. So even though the scales are not moving very fast (lost 0.6kg this week and 0.4kg last week), the cms are going down and I’m feeling very positive about the changes that are happening.

Here is a typical meal – 1/2 veggie burger with 1/2 slice cheese melted on top, served on an small Christmas plate.


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