15 years


Well, Kevin and I have now been married for 15 years. We were married at the rather young age of 21 but we had been a couple since we were 14. And 22 years later we are still in love and very happy together. I can’t tell you how many people said we were too young and that it would never last. Sometimes I’m suprised we’re still together as we are both totally different people than we were 15 years ago but luckily enough we have both changed in the same direction and both feel passionately about many of the same things. The early years were pretty rough as we got used to living together but I’d say the last 10 years have been pretty smooth sailing. We didn’t do much to celebrate but we did have (a small) dinner out with my friend Lucy before going to the basketball – and yay, our team won.

I couldn’t find a photo of Kevin and I on our wedding day (in the computer) but here’s one of Sam & I, and two taken on our honeymoon – don’t we look young?

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