7 random things (about Christmas)

I’ve been tagged byKez for the 7 random things about me Meme. I did one a few month back so this time I’m going to do it in relation to Christmas.

1. As far back as I can remember we had friends over for a Christmas Eve Party – we still this today.

2. My decorations go up earlier each year – this year it was mid-November

3. My decoration come down 1-2 days after Christmas

4. I’ve been doing a photo-handmade Christmas card for over 10 years.

5. I’m lucky enough not to have a lot of people to buy Christmas presents for (only child and don’t see dh’s family)

6. Once we had kids we decided we were staying home EVERY Christmas and whoever wants to come is welcome.

7. It’s our tradition to have French Toast (savory) for breakfast on Christmas Day.

I’m not really into tagging people (though I do like to be tagged :-)) but this was fun so if you’d like to do it please join in.