A great start to the Holidays


Well the kids finished up school and now have nearly 6 weeks holidays to look forward to. I’m excited too – I love having the girls home and not having to do the 3pm pick-up and then running them around to their after school activities. This afternoon we headed to the beach and for the first time since living in this seaside town (16 years) I actually went in the surf. I always loved swimming at the beach but in latter years have just been content to watch the girls. However, I am turning over a new leaf and determined to participate more in life. Only problem I didn’t get many photos – and none of the girls on their boggie boards. They are so confident in the surf now and Christy has become real good on her board (in fact I think it’s time to upgrade her to the next model). I can see us heading to the beach a lot more this Summer.


One thought on “A great start to the Holidays

  1. How cool! 6 weeks on your own schedule, sounds fantastic! I love that you went in the water with the kids. One of my favorite memories as a kid was the time my mom and I were diving in waves together in the Atlantic. My mom never went in the ocean or pool because she never wanted to get her hair wet. Then one day she did and we laughed and had the best time! Enjoy more fun beach days together!

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