Twas the night before Christmas

Okay, cheesy title but I just couldn’t resist. I’ve had a busy two days getting ready for Christmas Eve and Day, and now remember why I’m so over Christmas as soon as it’s past. I love it and love preparing for it but it is tiring and exhausting.


We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our friends. We sat outside while the kids (and Kevin and Rodney) went in the pool. The weather was a little cool for most of us (though they reported the pool was warm).As is our new tradition we ordered Pizza for dinner, we exchanged presents and had desert. It was a really great night and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I’ve been celebrating Christmas Eve with friends ever since I was a child and cannot imagine not doing so.


I made two deserts. Raspberry Cheesecake and Pavlova. Don’t they look yummy? The cheesecake was a real hit.


Christy putting out milk and shortbread for Santa.