My new baby

Firstly before i show you my new baby I just had a share a photo of knee a couple days after the fall. Nasty isn’t it? It doesn’t hurt too much except coming down the stairs and if I bash it into something – funny that.


Okay, so here’s my new baby.


My washing machine died on Christmas Eve for about the 3rd time this year. It hasn’t worked properly in years (I always have to spin the clothes twice) so that was the final straw. Yesterday we went out and bought a new machine. I’ve already done a couple of loads and it’s great. I love not having the spin everything twice. This is my first front loader so it will be interesting to see if it’s as gentle on clothes as they say. It was a bit of bargin – discounted by $150 plus you get a $150 rebate from the water board. Will cost us $490 including extended warranty.