Now I just have to wait


Well, I have booked our accommodation for our trip to the Gold Coast in April. This time the girls and I are going to drive up and spend 10 nights. Kevin will fly and have 6 days with us. I got a great deal on an apartment at a 5 star resort – the Chevron– $1500 for 10 nights; normal internet special is $2,700. I’ve also booked to go to Dreamworld and Whitewater world using Flybuys points. Now I just have to wait. Will be so much more fun for the whole family now that Kevin and I are losing weight.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi LIbby, I’ve just gotten up to date on your life without even speaking to you!!!
    I sent you a couple of emails last week but i’m not sure if i sent them to the right address ??I’m moving up to Charlies place and the address here is”
    Send an email and let me know if i got it right …and if i didn’t,i’ll send you the photos again(they’re of our puppy that we got on christmas day,she’s so beautiful,i know you’ll love her!)
    Lots of Love,
    Sam xxx

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