We’re all going on a Summer Holiday…


well, except Kevin – he gets to stay at work and look after all the animals :-). The girls and I are going to Nelson’s Bay with my Mum & Dad. We haven’t beenĀ  since 2004 (and we used to go every year) so it will be nice to be back. We stay in this wonderful apartment overlooking the harbour. It’s got it’s own pool and spa and is just a few minutes walk to the beach or into town. I’m really looking forward to it. Look how cute and little (and without attitude) the girls used to be.


3 thoughts on “We’re all going on a Summer Holiday…

  1. Have a blast, I can’t wait to see your pictures. It looks so gorgeous.
    I can’t believe you have chickens, that is so cool! You have been getting so much scrapping done, they look beautiful!

  2. Nelson Bay is gorgeous. Can you recommend somewhere to stay? Im taking the girls in the October school hols. We were there in the same hols back in 2005 but the accomodation price has gone up a bit!

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