A photo a day

Another challenge that seems to be doing the rounds in scrapbooking circles is that of taking a photo a day for a whole year. I decided to join in about a week ago when I came across 365 days http://scrappingangelsuk.typepad.com/365_days/ where Anna giveesa daily prompt for a photo. Here’s my collection so far.
Day 24 – Lucky (this is where I get to go for my morning walk)
Day 23 – Close up (my old Goldie Belle)
Day 22 – There’s no place like home
Day 21 – Food is an important part of a balanced diet (our organic groceries that had just been delivered)
Day 20 – Smile
Day 19 – Up close and personal
I might try and go back and do some of the older prompts – will see how I go.

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