Australia Day

We had a VERY quiet Australia Day this year. Usually we do lunch with Mum & Dad but they are off in their caravan to attend a wedding. Instead I went to the gym, did the groceries, tidied my desk,

img_4670  img_4743

did some work for my BPS organising class with Wendy and did a layout for the class


took my photo of the day – CHOCOLATE! Actually didn’t think I had much in the house until I went searching…


Kevin added an extension to our chook mansion before going into work. They now have a nesting box and some of the chooks have already used it (so Kevin is feeling pretty pleased with himself), and the girls will now be able to collect the eggs.


Amy decided she wanted to learn to iron so she had her first lessons. She did great, ironing all her and Christy’s clothes.


Our only bit of celebration happened at dinner when we had a BBQ with damper and lamingtons.


So a lazy but rather satisfying day. We ended the day watching The Three Musketeers – but somehow we just ended up watching the second half – suprisingly it still make sense and we didn’t realize until the credits started rolling after just 45mins :-). We then watched the first half of Harry Potter VI and will finish watching tomorrow night.

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