Back to school


Both girls were up bright and early, eager for their first day back at school. I had uniform shop on so we left just after 8am – normally it’s closer to 8.45. The girls both have new school bags – I think Christy’s is way too big for her but she insisted on having that one – we’ll see how it goes…

img_4812  img_4814

I got home around 9.30am and was really a little bit lost. I cleaned the bathrooms, did the paperwork for Uniform Shop, checked blogs, had lunch, did some scrapbooking, cooked dinner, visited my Grandmother,etc, etc… I can see it’s going to take a little while to get back into routine. I think Rosie was a bit lost too and wondering where the girls were. Picked them up at 3pm and both are pleased with their new classes – though Amy is yet again without any of her “friends”.

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