Chooks are smart afterall

 Okay, before I go any further, I need to clarify for my American friends (Hi, Danielle) that chooks are just chickens. We in Australia like to shorten all words beyond recognition.  ANyway, I thought chooks were supposed to be rather stupid. But my girls have proved that theory wrong. Kevin added a little extention to the chook mansion to give them more room to lay (3 spaces) and so we can reach the eggs easier. The first few days they all laid in the SAME spot again. So I started moving eggs into the other spots to encourage them to lay there. The first day the moved egg went missing and I assumed something ate it (the door had been left open) but when the same thing happened the next day I thought they might be moving the egg. I have now repeated this experiment about 5 times and yes, they are moving the egg back in where they are “supposed” to be laid. How cute!!! How smart!!!

eggs before


eggs after


They also come running whenever I open the back door and usually try to get in the house. They even used to come in through the doggy door until we got a new  one they couldn’t open.


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