Life is Good



NOTE: Above photo taken on this mornings walk – no make up, hair not done, listening to a selection of Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake and Timberland (my new favourite).

I’m so enjoying life right now. I seem to have gotten myself into a great routine with a good balance of working out, cleaning, scrapbooking, helping at school (with canteen and the uniform shop), time with the girls and Kevin and even time shopping with my Mum. The house is running really well – meals are planned (as you will know from reading this blog), the house is tidy and clean, the animals are cared for, the girls are following their morning and evening routines and helping more around the house. I have time to sit at night and watch some TV with Kevin and Amy. Today I’ve been for a manicure and pedicure and am about to go do some scrapbooking. Life is just great. I know losing weight has played a HUGE part in all of this. I have more time available – since I’m not eating all day, and I have more energy due to weight loss and improved strength and fitness. I find I can get so much more done in the day and seem to be better able to cope if anything extra does come up. I certainly haven’t always been like this and it’s taken time to work out what works for me. But this is it!!! I’m loving my life right NOW!!!

Here’s some more photos taken on this mornings walk. I’m so lucky to live so close to this beautiful lake and get to see so many lovely sunrises.


3 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. What a lovely happy inspring post. Way to go. The change in your spirit just from reading your blog has been huge. You sound so happy too 🙂

    And you’re looking fab! What a lovely walk you go on. Sometimes when life is getting away from us it’s easy to miss the beauty. Your pictures say a thousand words.

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