Sooooo tired….


I can’t believe how tired I am this afternoon. But it has been a busy few days and I’ve not been sleeping well. Yesterday I cleaned all the bedrooms, went to the gym, took the birds to the vets, went to the craft shop (stocked up some scrapbook supplies and wool), had a bite for lunch, picked up the girls from school, came home and helped Amy to make dinner (she had a delicious sour cream quiche), raced off to the hairdressers, raced home, had dinner with Nan & Pop, cleaned up and crashed on the couch to watch Supernanny.

Today I walked the girls to school, cleaned the kitchen – including the fridge and all appliances, then off to do some errands and get the groceries, home for a bite of lunch, unpack groceries, wash floor, up to school to pick up girls (drove as my feet are killing me), home, help girls make up lolly bags for her sleepover party on Saturday night, finish tidying kitchen bench.


I’m exhausted yet still have to make dinner. Changed to an easier type of cannelloni (my friend Leanne made it for us a few weeks back and it was delicious) . Also have to do some ironing so the girls have a uniform to wear to school tomorrow. Oh, and the girls want to make cookies but I’m letting Amy be in charge of that.

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