Thankfully it’s over


Well, I’m not too sure what to say about Amy’s sleepover party for her 9th birthday. There were some good times, and unfortunately some bad times (like most of the kids not going to sleep until midnight which meant I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight – mind you the birthday girl was out by 9pm). Amy had a good time overall and today the Powells stayed for lunch so I was able to destress and end the weekend on a happy note. My advice would have to be wait until your kids are teenagers to have a sleepover party. Here are some photos.


2 thoughts on “Thankfully it’s over

  1. Love the cake! I have the best memories from sleepovers with my friends. I think they are hard on the parents, but the kids LOVE it! You are a trooper.

  2. eloo soz u dnt no me but like i have never new any 1 else with the same last name as me other than my family lol

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