A day in my life – March


Came across a great idea on Little Jenny Wren to document ” a day in my life” on the 14th of every month. Being a scrapbooker and blogger I immediately signed up for the challenge.

5.20am Up early again today. I often wake up around this time and with the sore back I’ve been suffering from find it impossible to go back to sleep.

Cup of tea while reading blogs/e-mail

7am Shower and get dressed

7.30am Feed and water all animals

Unpack dishwasher, make French Toast for Christy, help kids do lunches

8.30am Drop girls at school

9am Beauticians to have my gel nails reapplied – I love this time with Fran (my Beautician)- we get along so well and she’s become a real friend.


10.30am Drive to Shellharbour – more clothes shopping at Target and pick up basket from Howard Storage world


12pm Drive home, unpack car, hang out washing


12.45 Enjoy a yummy salad for lunch (esp. good as it’s nearly 30 degrees today). Check blogs/websites while having lunch

1.15 Head to scrapbook room work on assignment for my Library of Memories class.


2.45 Pick up girls from school

3.15 Home, unpack school bags

3.45 Take Amy to dancing lessons – made a mistake and got there for 4pm, not 4.3opm!!!! Read through The Big Picture by Stacy Julian while waiting

5.15 Home again. Say hi to Kevin (who is home early for a change)

5.30 Water veggie garden / check blogs

6pm Watch the Tudors with Kevin (girls go to Nan’s for BBQ night)

Dinner watching TV – leftover Soy Sausage Casserole

8.45pm Go to bed – read until fall asleep

9.30pm Lights out….

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