Billy Elliot


WOW!!! Just back from seeing the musical Billy Elliot. It was absolutely fantastic and if you get a chance to see it you definitely should. The boy who played Billy was amazing – so talented!!!  We went with my Mum & Dad and took the girls. Amy’s ticket was for her birthday and she loved it – esp. the tap dancing. I didn’t plan to take Christy but Mum bought her a ticket so we took her along. She was okay but did get a little figetty. There is a lot of swearing – which we knew about – and Christy has been told if I hear her repeating any swear words she won’t be going to the Easter Show is a couple of weeks. I loved the show so much I’m planning to go and see it again before the season ends.


We had Korean for lunch before the show. It was a first time for all of us and we were very impressed. Here’s a photo of Amy eating her fried chicken.


And lastly, just wanted to share a photo taken this morning just before the sun came up.


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