Some recent purchases


I haven’t bought any books for a while but I have gathered this little collection over the last few weeks. There was a time when I couldn’t walk past a bookshop or newsagents without going in. These days I mostly buy romance books from my friend Lucy’s store Ever After, but every so-often I will buy books like the above – but I’m much more selective these days. The first book Changing Habits Changing Lives is all about eating wholesome nutritious foods and fits right in with my food philosophy. The next few are early planning for our UK trip next year and I couldn’t pass up Sustainable Living for Dummies as it has all Australian references.

As for magazines – I subscribe to nearly all my favourites so I might just go have a browse every few months – which I did today when I picked up Scrapbooks Etc (which I have been unable to subscribe to over the net) and the Healthy Food Guide. My mags are all packed ready for our Easter trip.

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