Feeling Strong



I have to say I love being strong (for a girl anyway). And I feel proud of myself for nearly always being the only girl in the weights room – mind you it took me a nearly a year to work up the nerve. I decided to do a Body Pump class today as I won’t be back in the gym for nearly a week and this way I got to exercise all muscle groups plus I did cardio by walking to and from the gym. I had a new to me teacher (since I haven’t done a class in over 6 months) and I know she looked pretty suprised at the weight I was loading on my bar (I mean I’m still overweight and probably look fairly unfit). I was lifting nearly double everyone else in the class and at one point during biceps one of the other girls who was struggling through the track with a slightly lighter weight than I had looked over a me and yells out “Christ, Libby” when she saw I had even more weight than she did. Now I have to confess I pushed myself through the class and am already sore (even after having a spa) so I can only imagine how I’m going to feel tomorrow. BUT I have nearly a week to recover and I LOVE the feeling of SORE muscles – means I worked really hard.

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