A peaceful place to rest


I’ve been thinking about getting new bedding for a few months now and finally decided to take the plunge since most of it was 30% off (and Christy drew on our bed with ink!!!!). Firstly I needed a fleecy underlay – since losing weight, hence losing a lot of my padding, I’ve been getting sore when I lie down for more than a few hours. I also decided to try ALL white bedding for that “hotel” feeling. I was a bit nervous but I LOVE how it looks. So clean and fresh and oh, so, peaceful. And yes, I did have a great nights sleep, with no sore body parts…… but Kevin complained of a sore back this morning…. go figure!!!


The old bedding


The new bedding – what do you think looks better?

Rosie on the bed

Rosie – already at home on the new-look bed. We just have to be more vigilant for muddy paws now :-).

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